Vorstellungsgespräche in Deutschland erfolgreich meistern – Workshop für geflüchtete und internationale Studierende

Trainer*in: Amanda Wichert
Datum: 22. und 24.06.2021, 15:00 – 18:00 Uhr
Anmeldung: bis 21.06.2021 via Anmeldeformular oder per Mail an Ulrike.Marquardt@h2.de
Sprache: Deutsch (*Erklärungen und Übersetzungen können auf Englisch gegeben werden)
Online: via Zoom
Teilnehmende: Studierende mit Fluchthintergrund und internationale Studierende

About the workshop:

In this workshop, international students will learn the ins and outs of the job interview in Germany. We will explore the interview process and review potential employers’ expectations for interview candidates. Through peer-coaching activities and individual reflection, participants will build their interview profile, develop their self-presentation skills, examine common interview questions, practice answering questions, and receive feedback on their interview skills. Participants will learn effective selfmarketing strategies and will learn how to present themselves effectively to potential employers.


The German Interview: An Overview

·         What do I need to know about German employers? How might German cultural values play a role in determining employers’ expectations?

·         How might the interview process and expectations differ from your prior interview experiences outside of Germany?

·         How is the interview process typically structured in Germany? 

Self-Marketing in Germany

·         What are your key skills, knowledge, traits, and experiences, and how can you present them effectively and concisely? Why is it important to develop a clear picture of the profile that you want to present?

·         What do I need to know about self-marketing in Germany? What is seen as positive, and what might be seen in a less positive light? 

·         How can I present my skills and accomplishments effectively in an interview setting?

·         How can I navigate the line between confidence and overconfidence?  Interview Questions, Tips & Tricks

·         What might German employers be looking for in an interview candidate?

·         What are some of the standard questions that you might be asked, and how can I prepare myself to answer these questions in advance? 

·         What strategies can I use to help me prepare for an interview? 

·         What role do my language skills play, and how can I navigate potential challenges related to my language skills in the interview? 

·         How might virtual interviews be different from in-person interviews? What do I need to know in order to make a good impression? 


Interactive inputs, small group activities, peer coaching, individual workshop activities.

Conditions of participation

1. Your registration is binding.

2. Should you not be able to attend, please inform us immediately, at the latest two days before the scheduled date of the training.


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E-Mail: ulrike.marquardt@h2.de

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