Gugulethu Maseko

Austauschsemester in Rehabilitationspsychologie, Standort Stendal

I believe my stay at the Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal was very educative and exciting. I chose Stendal because it's a quiet area that offered me the right courses in rehabilitation psychology which I had interest in. Also, the school has a wide variety of subjects in psychology which I could take so it was next to the best. The school hours are flexible and the working environment is condusive for studying and working together in the seminars.

During the weekends we would go out for a movie, theatre, walks in the centre and so on. In other occasions we would travel by train to Berlin, the Harz, Dresden or Tangermünde... There are places in town like the Joker or restaurants where one could hang out in.

The best feature in Stendal or Germany in general is the historical significance of its towns and cities, cultural diversity in buildings and the many wonderful festivals like the Christmas market, Oktoberfest, to name just a few. The countryside has lovely scenery like the lakes, mountains and old houses and castles, there are wonderful restaurants which also offer the traditional food in Germany.

What I would like to suggest though about The Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal is that if they could offer german as a course from the first semester to the last, and be accomodating in offering other english courses in subjects like psychology, childhood studies and business and build campus residences to make the stay easier but all in all I loved the experience and would love to come and do my Honours or masters in psychology in Stendal.


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