Research Centres

The research centres at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences support not only research but also the transfer of academic results by applying and deploying the expertise at its disposal in innovative processes, products and services with real-world relevance.

Competence Centre Engineering / Renewable Materials

The competence centre’s objective is to mobilise applied research and development to support the economic use of renewable materials to generate innovative services and products on the basis of regional value creation.

Competence Centre for Health

The competence centre concentrates the University’s expertise in health and makes it available to stakeholders and institutions of regional health practice, policy and science by means of cooperation ventures.

Industry Laboratory for Functionally Optimised Lightweight Construction

The Industry Laboratory for Functionally Optimised Lightweight Construction was created as an interface between science and industry in the fields of fibre-reinforced polymer composites, adhesive technology and general lightweight construction.

Technology and Knowledge Transfer Centre

The Technology and Knowledge Transfer Centre is a central unit of Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences. Its function is to coordinate transfer – of knowledge, of research and of personnel – in all its forms.  

Competence Centre for Early Education

The Competence Centre for Early Education engages in the professionalisation of education staff, application-oriented research and development, and the transfer into practice of scientifically founded approaches.

Industry Laboratory for Innovative Production Processes

The Industry Laboratory supports regional and supraregional partners in the automotive and fittings industries with services and developmental work in the fields of finishing and friction welding technology. 

Institute of Water Management and Ecological Technology

The Institute tackles practice-oriented research themes in the field of water and waste management. The main emphasis of its work is on the integration of applied research and teaching.

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