Information on Application and Enrolment

How and when to apply? Here you will find detailed information about application and admission.

Admission requirements

Before you apply for a course of studies you should check whether you fulfil the general admission requirements for a course of studies in Germany.

Bachelor's programmes

A higher education entrance qualification is a general prerequisite for admittance to a programme of study.

The DAAD database on admission requirements allows international students to check whether they meet the requirements for the degree programme of their choice in Germany.

The anabin database can help you establish if your qualification (school certificate, certificate of university attendance in your homeland) qualify you to study at university in Germany: – official site with authoritative information on the assessment of foreign qualifications (information in German language)

Master's programmes

Admission to a Master‘s programme requires a good university degree completed in a related field.

German language skills

Please note, that the language of instruction at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences is German in nearly all programmes and courses, except the Bachelor's programme Sustainable Resources, Engineering and Management (StREaM) and the Master's programme Water Engineering. Foreign applicants have to prove adequate language skills in German.

Programmes of the departsments Applied Human Sciences and Social Work, Health and Media

Evidence of the necessary German language skills can be provided in the form of:

  • Goethe Certificate C2
  • DSH II
  • DSD II
  • TestDaF (minimun 16 total points & minimun level 3 in the examination modules) 
  • TELC Deutsch C1 Hochschule
  • ÖSD C2 (Österreichisches Deutschzertifikat)

Programmes of the departsments Economics, Engineering and Industrial Design and Water, Environment, Construction and Safety

Evidence of the necessary German language skills can be provided in the form of:

  • Goethe Certificate C1
  • DSD II
  • DSH I
  • TestDaF (minimun level 3 in the examination modules)
  • TELC Deutsch C1 Hochschule
  • ÖSD C1 (Österreichisches Deutschzertifikat)
Special admission requirements

For some degree programmes you must also fulfil additional (special) admission requirements. Please check our course descriptions to find out this information.

Preparatory college

If you establish that university entrance is not possible with your certificate/certificates or if the standard of your German language skills does not make you eligible for university admission, then please contact a preparatory college ("Studienkolleg"). 

Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences does not have its own preparatory college. The state-run preparatory college responsible for our institution is located at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Köthen. It specifically prepares foreign applicants for a course of studies in Germany.

In Magdeburg you can find a private preparatory college: Europäisches Studienkolleg der Wirtschaft (ESKW)

Your certificate of education
Application portal
  • Higher education entrance qualification acquired abroad
  • International Baccalaureat (IB)
  • Academic degree acquired abroad
  • German "Abitur" obtained in Germany or acquired at a German school abroad
  • Higher education entrance qualification acquired at a Studienkolleg in Germany
  • Educational qualifications that have been examined (e. g. by Landesschulamt) and that have been recognised as a university entrance qualification
  • Academic degree acquired in Germany
  • Bescheinigung Gaokao-Verfahren for direct access to higher education in Germany – issued by the APS Examination Office Akademische Prüfstelle in China
university portal

Application via uni-assist e.V.

Process and documents

Applicants with foreign educational certificates need to apply via uni-assist e.V.

As a joint institution of German universities, uni-assist carries out an expert examination of all admission requirements, for which it charges a fee. Applicants who start studying at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences can apply to the university for reimbursement of the fees incurred.

Once it has positively verified that all admission requirements have been met, it forwards the application on to us. Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences then makes the decision concerning admission. The admissions and application procedure at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences is free of charge.

It can take several weeks for uni-assist e.V. to check your application documents. Please check the application deadlines below.

Application documents

  • Certificate of higher education entrance qualification and its translation (including the overview of subjects and grades)
  • Proof of having passed a university entrance exam (If you have passed an university entrance exam in your country of origin, please submit the relevant certificate.)
  • Proof of study periods and translation and ist translation
  • Evidence of the necessary language skills
  • Curriculum vitae (complete, chronological)
  • Passport (The copy only needs to contain the page with your picture and your personal data.)

The application via uni-assist is an online application. Upload your certificates in their original language and as a translation into German or English. Translations must be carried out by a certified translator and must be stamped and signed. 

More information about assembling your documents

Notices of admission

On restricted admission Bachelor’s programmes that begin in the winter semester, notices of admission to the degree programme are sent out from the beginning of August. If not all places on a restricted admission programme are allocated during the main procedure, a second-chance procedure takes place. Applicants who received a rejection notice from the main procedure have the option to take part in the second-chance procedure, from which they may obtain a university place after all. When the first rejection notices are sent out, applicants are asked whether they would like to participate in a second-chance allocation procedure.

Applications for unrestricted admission degree programmes are processed continuously.
For courses where passing an aptitude test is an admission requirement, applicants are informed of the outcome after evaluation of the examination in the Department.


Once you have received an admission notice please reply accepting your university place, submit the required documentation, and transfer the payment of the semester fee. Only then is your enrolment complete.

Application deadlines

uni-assist and university portal

Winter semester (October)Summer semester (April)
  • Industrial Design (Bachelor)
  • Engineering Design (Master)
  • Interaction Design (Master)
31 May30 November
  • Restricted admission courses of study (Bachelor)
  • Safety and Hazard Defence (Bachelor)
31 May
university portal:
15 July
  • Sustainable Resources, Engineering and Management / StREaM (Bachelor)
30 November
-university portal:
15 January
  • Water Engineering (Master)
30 November
-university portal:
15 January
  • Courses of study without admission restriction (Bachelor and Master)
15 August
15 February
university portal:
15 September
university portal:
15 March

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