Faculty delegation at the German Jordanian University in the framework of the MESIM project

In April 2023, work progressed on the international master's program "Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management (MESIM) - a cooperation between the Department of Economics at Magdeburg Stendal University of Applied Sciences and the SATS Faculty (Engineering) at the German Jordanian University in Jordan.

Professors and research assistants from the departments are developing a cross-university master's degree program aimed at developing student's own entrepreneurial skills, which can be used in their own companies or in multinational organizations as innovation managers.

At the end of May 2023, professors and academic staff of the Department of Economics traveled to the GJU in Amman, Jordan, as part of a 7-day delegation.

The aim of the visit was to further develop the program's content and formal parameters elaborated by the partners in joint working meetings and to prepare a memorandum of cooperation. The project was accompanied by a multi-day entrepreneurship and innovation workshop with faculty members from both universities, which was intended to raise awareness on topics such as development of entrepreneurial ideas, AI in Academia and Entrepreneurship by means of practical examples and thus contribute to a better understanding of future joint entrepreneurial teaching.

Topics on the program's agenda, among others

  •  A three-day intensive workshop on the development of the Joint Master Program (Department of Industrial Engineering, SATS)
  • A three-day innovation and business model seminar with the Deanship of Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship and staff (DI-TECH) (Heitjans, Meisel)
  • Impuls-Workshop Use of AI and ChatGPT in Teaching and Research (Project ZAKKI: Weigert, Behrendt)
  • Deans Meetings (DI-TECH, SATS) 
  • Meeting and acquaintance with the International Office 
  • Meeting and acquaintance with the GJU President

The delegation members would like to thank the GJU for the many discussions and contacts with students, teachers and administrative staff of the GJU.

To continue, a trip of the Jordanian colleagues to Magdeburg and Stendal was arranged for September. We are looking forward to the visit.

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