Prof. Dr. Josefine Heusinger

born 1965, four adult children

Areas of teaching and research interest

  • Principles and theories of action in social work
  • Intergenerational relationships over the life course
  • Social gerontology
  • Healthcare research and evaluation


1984-1988 Nurse training
1988-1995 Studies in Sociology, Psychology, Political Science and Latin American Studies at the Free University of Berlin, graduated with a “Diplom” degree in Sociology
1998-1999 Research associate in a law firm
1999 Scholarship from the Berlin Senate Administration for Work, Professional Education and Women for the development of a research proposal
1999-2004 Research associate in the Institute for Gerontological Research, Berlin on the DFG research project, “Control in domestic care arrangements”
2004 Case manager (DGS, DBSH, DBfK*)
2005 Awarded Doctor of Philosophy
seit 2005 Research activity in the Institute for Gerontological Research, Berlin
2008 Interim Professor of Sociology of Health and Healthcare at the University of Siegen
2006-2019 Board member of the Institute for Gerontological Research
seit 2011 Professor of Principles and Theories of Action in Social Work at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences


Fundamentals and theories of social work

Prof. Dr. Josefine Heusinger

Phone: 0049-391-886 41 17

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