Prof. Dr. Martina Schwanke

Areas of teaching and research interest

  • Personnel & Business Coaching
  • Wingwave® coaching
  • Communication training


    • Studies in French, German, German as a Foreign Language, Sociology and Pedagogy at Christian Albrecht University of Kiel.
    • Studies in Linguistics at Sorbonne University, Paris IV with a Master of Advanced Study (Diplôme d’études approfondies (DAE)) degree
    • Doctorate in German Philology / Older German Literature, Newer German Literature and Romance Studies at Christian Albrecht University of Kiel: pioneering work in the digital humanities with corpus-based analysis of the names in Goethe’s works
    • Work as a research associate on research projects and as a freelancer in the field of German as a Foreign Language, German Linguistics, Digital Humanities and Machine Translation at the University of Kiel and the Kiel School of Education
    • Since 1996 with my appointment to a professorship in German as a Foreign Language & Rhetoric with the focus on business communication, examination management and coaching, many years’ professional experience, ECA-qualified personnel and business coach, Wingwave® coach


    German as a foreign language

    Prof. Dr. Martina Schwanke

    Phone: 0049-391-886 42 77

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