Component testing


Component testing

One focus of the component tests in our laboratories and on site is the examination of concrete components and concrete materials. However, extensive measuring equipment is also available for damage analysis on masonry, wooden components and floors.



Load tests

The equipment of the testing laboratory enables load tests to be carried out on large-format structural elements. The laboratory has a steel test frame in which beam, slab and wall elements up to 6 m long, 2 m wide and 3 m high can be loaded.

Several hydraulic cylinders with a maximum force of 400 kN are available as loading units. The measured values are recorded with a HOTTINGER measuring amplifier with 48 channels. Strain, force, temperature, acoustic emission, displacement and vibrations can be recorded. CATMAN is used as the software.

Examination of wood strength

The drilling resistance measuring device is used to carry out examinations of the strength or the damage of the wood in installed wood. Strength differences and cavities caused by wood pests can be read directly from the measuring device during on-site testing. Drilling depths of up to 500 mm can be achieved.


Solid construction, prestressed concrete construction, bridge construction

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