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The Department of Water Management, Environment, Construction and Safety is one of the few in Germany where water & waste management (circular economy) courses of studies as well as those of civil and safety engineering are offered in both Bachelor degree programs as well as Master degree programs. This exclusive combination is the embodiment of a unique measure of interdisciplinarity.

Our Bachelor and Master degree courses are unique German institutes of higher education. This uniqueness stems from the strong focus on the natural and engineering sciences of the fundamental courses of studies and the emphasis on research in the Master courses of studies, such as environmental engineering. Furthermore, our civil engineering and safety engineering courses of studies unique in Saxony-Anhalt. The core features of these courses of studies are guaranteed to endow the graduate with distinguished qualifications.

Water Management, Recycling and Waste Management, Applied Statistics, Ecological Engineering

Regional Networking

Our educational institution is an important partner for securing specialists and leaders for the regional economy of Saxony-Anhalt. Furthermore, scientific services and research projects are conducted here for and with local third parties such as enterprises in the utilities sector, recycling and waste disposal, engineering offices and public institutions. This close cooperation has been intensified through the creation of an endowment professorship for water management with an emphasis on the development of infrastructure. This endowment professorship is financed by the utilities companies of Städtischen Werke Magdeburg, Trinkwasserversorgung Magdeburg and Stadtwerke Stendal.

International Cooperation

Due to it unique features, the field of water management and recycling and waste management (circular economy) has become an oft-requested partner in the international setting. Such international partners include Holguin/Cuba, La Coruna/Spain, La Laguna/Spain, Cencepcion/Chile, and San Diego/USA, among others. This manifested in the international degree course, Water Engineering – Hydraulic and Ecological Engineering with the University of La Coruna, Spain, which began in the winter semester of 2012.

Unique Degree Courses and Multidisciplinary Approach

The integration of applied statistics is another distinctive feature of these degree courses. This provides students with a competitive edge over those in comparable courses at other academic institutions because of the ever-increasing importance of data management. This degree program is unique among Germany’s universities especially with the elements of hydro- and environmental statistics. The Master degree program in engineering ecology is another one-of-a-kind course of studies which integrates water management and waste & recycling management (circular economy) oriented course content with a focus on sustainability. Aside from the degree programs themselves, the variety of possible combinations provide a high measure of interdisciplarity.

Voices of our students:

Civil Engineering

If you want to plan and build houses, roads and bridges later on, if you want to manage large-scale projects, supervise construction sites, manage construction measures or advise architects, you have to study civil engineering. In Saxony-Anhalt, this is only possible at the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences in Magdeburg.

Future civil engineers can take advantage of the following study programmes:

  • Bachelor's degree programme in civil engineering
  • dual Bachelor's degree programme in civil engineering
  • Master's degree in civil engineering with specialisations in "structural engineering" and "civil and traffic engineering
  • Master's degree in energy-efficient construction and renovation

The Master's degree programmes build on the Bachelor's degree programmes.

Safety and Hazard Defense

This degree programme is a joint programme offered by Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg and Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences. The Safety and Hazard Prevention degree programme is a joint degree programme offered by our department and the Faculty of Process and Systems Engineering at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg.

The course teaches the necessary procedural and scientific knowledge to effectively combat disasters. To this end, the students deal with fundamental aspects of mathematics, physics, fluid mechanics, process engineering, pollutant dispersion and others. On the other hand, they acquire competences in the areas of fire protection, disaster prevention and civil protection, environmental protection, immission control, water protection, safety management, occupational and operational safety, psychosocial aspects of hazard prevention, preventive structural fire protection, electrical safety, fire cause identification and risk analysis. Special emphasis is placed on the complex of "leadership, management, emergency planning, psychology and law".

The programme is modularised and divided into:

  • Bachelor's degree in safety and security and
  • Master's degree in Safety and Security (specialisation: Fire Protection or Industrial Safety)



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