The department maintains contacts with a large number of foreign universities and research institutions with which lecturer exchanges, student exchanges and joint research projects can be realized. At this point we would like to give an overview of the international contacts in the field of civil engineering.

Partner Universities Civil Engineering

  • Belgium: KaHo Sint-Lieven
    Ansprechpartner: Prof. Schmidt
  • Turkey: University Antalya, Institute for Archeology
    Contact: Prof. Scheffler (Theater Tlos)
  • China: Technical University Quingdao
    Contact: Prof. Schmidt/ Prof. Danielewicz
  • Russia: Technical State University Perm
    Contact: Prof. Schwerdt

Partner Universities Safety and Hazard Defense

Cooperations with the following universities and colleges exist or are in preparation or are being pursued:

In addition, Magdeburg's universities are involved in the CONRIS International Network of Security Studies. The first result of this cooperation is the design of a joint master's module with other universities in Central Europe.

Internationalization Officers

Prof. Dr. René Sonnenberg

Phone: +49 391 886 43 37
Fax: +49 391 886 42 13

Office: Building 7, Room 2.17

Area Safety & Hazard Defense

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Schubert-Polzin

Phone: +49 391 886 49 85
Fax: +49 391 886 42 13

Office: Building 7, Room 1.02

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