Laboratories in the Department of Water, Environment, Construction and Safety

The department has equipment and expertise in many areas that are state of the art. The innovative power that comes with these resources can only flourish when companies and institutions use the university as an important partner which supports them with research, product development and assists them with developing their own research and construction plans. Such partnerships are especially profitable for small and middle-sized companies, for communities and administrations which do not have such state-of-the-art equipment of their own.

Civil Engineering & Safety and Hazard Defense

Structural dynamics laboratory

Structural physics laboratory

Building materials laboratory

Laboratory for traffic-facility construction

Component testing laboratory

Fire protection laboratory

Earth sciences laboratory

IT laboratory

Geotechnics laboratory

Communications media laboratory

Photogammetry laboratory

Survey laboratory

Non-destructive testing methods

Water Management & Recycling and Waste Management

Laboratory for waste engineering & resource management

Wastewater technology laboratory

IT laboratory

Geology & physics laboratory

Laboratory for hydrobiology & biotechnology

Hydrology laboratory

Environmental and hydrochemical laboratory

Laboratory for hydromechanics & hydraulic engineering

Laboratory for water supply



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