Research Focuses at a Glance

New research projects constantly develop out of the close relationship between the University and the local economy, research projects which are just as interesting for the companies as they are for the professors and students.

Our research projects at a glance:

Construction Development and Maintenance

  • Comprehensive construction development and building restoration system
  • Bearing structure and forecasting system for the categorization and use of constructions
  • Damage forecast for roads
  • Non-destructive structural analyses
  • Developing new construction components and methods for geo-synthetic constructions
  • Researching long-term behaviours of synthetic materials subjected to continuous loads
  • 3D-photography in civil engineering

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Energy Savings, Resource & Material Efficiency

  • Energy concepts and monitoring building and communities
  • Insulation and energy storage constructions
  • Substitute building materials in geotechnics
  • Building material optimization and alternative building materials for traffic areas
  • Treated bottom ash from municipal waste incineration as aggregate in concrete
  • Reduction of emissions resulting from the management of stockpiles in the potash manufacture
  • Crack formation on horizontal concrete surfaces

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Fire Safety

  • Analyses of fire behaviour of storage and building materials
  • Fire behaviour of building components made of green building materials
  • Fire risk analysis in special structures
  • Safety of people and evacuation processes
  • Fire safety in traffic structures

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Civil Protection

  • Databank for civil protection
  • Crisis communication fort he district of Meissen (KriKom-LK-MEI)

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