Facility Management

You use the rooms, spaces and technical equipment belonging to the university, while we ensure that the modern infrastructure of our institution is capable of meeting the teaching and research challenges of the future.

The Facility Management team includes Energy Management and the Construction/Engineering and Estates departments, which share the facility management tasks:

  • our energy manager, who works for both Otto von Guericke University and our own institution, ensures that our energy costs do not become prohibitive.
  • We will be pleased to offer our advice if you wish to procure new equipment or require structural and media technology provision, if you have alteration requests or if you plan to move premises.
  • Do you need assistance with technical problems or skilled trade expertise? Our team will be happy to support you.

Our employees have many years of experience in the field of Estates and Buildings Management. Any tasks that we are unable to undertake ourselves are assigned to external service providers to ensure that the premises remain clean, the green areas maintained, the roads and paths on our campus remain passable even in winter, and the buildings secure. We appoint companies to repair and maintain the technical equipment and to build on behalf of our university. We help to ensure that you can teach and study, conduct research and work.

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