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Here you can find further offers of the university sports, information about equipment rental, nutrition consultation as well as offers of our partners.

Body Impedanz Analysis (BIA)

It's the inner values that count!

Weight alone does not say much. A body analysis allows many valuable conclusions to be drawn about the state of health and fitness and makes it possible to derive suitable measures in conjunction with well-founded health recommendations and monitoring of one's own goal pursuit. With the help of 8 pairs of electrodes, a measurement takes less than 25 seconds and shows very precise values regarding proteins, body water, lean body mass, fat mass and other health-related data.

Important information: Pregnancy, cardiac arrhythmia, pacemaker or other implanted electronic devices or life-supporting electronic systems (e.g. artificial heart, lung), as well as active (containing an electric motor) prostheses or portable electronic medical devices exclude participation in the measurement.

Registration: Directly here, or at

Applicable fees: Fees payable

Equipment rental

Students of the University Magdeburg-Stendal can borrow various sports equipment such as table tennis balls, handballs, basketballs, volleyballs, therabands, frisbees, boccia, skipping ropes, etc. free of charge by presenting their student ID.

  • Rental stations at the Magdeburg location are the University Sports Center in building 15, rooms 1.08, 1.09, the StuRa in building 11 and the Hauptwache in building 13. In addition, the StuRa offers, among other things, the rental of a grill and seating.
  • At the Stendal location, students can rent various equipment at the Infopoint in house 2.

Nutrition consultation

You are what you eat!

That is why the Sports and Health Center offers a nutrition consultation for all our students and employees. By individual arrangement via email, you can book a 30-minute slot to discuss your questions about the topic with our nutrition trainer Josefine Winning. This works in presence or online via Zoom.

University Magdeburg-Stendal | Magdeburg Campus | Building 15, Room 1.06

Incurring fees:
free of charge

via email to gesundheit(at)

Cooperation offers and partners


We offer a wide range of cooperation opportunities for students and employees of our university. Please log in to get more information and details.

Massage offer

The Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences offers preventive massages for employees and students on the Magdeburg campus in cooperation with OPT - Physiotherapy and Wellness Applications Magdeburg. The massages are to be paid by the participants themselves, in addition discounted conditions were negotiated. Treat yourself to 20 minutes of relaxation for currently only € 16.50 and make an appointment right away.

Psycho-Social Student Counselling (PSB)

It's never too early for counselling ...

Student life can be very challenging. On the one hand, there can be study-specific problems such as: Motivation difficulties, writer's block, lack of learning strategies or writing a final exam. On the other hand, there is also life besides studying, where family conflicts, arguments in the partnership or also the lack of time for oneself can occur.

For situations like these, the Psycho-Social Student Counselling Service of the Studentenwerk Magdeburg is open to all students and employees of the universities in the area of responsibility of the Studentenwerk.

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College Sports

Email: hochschulsport(at)
Phone: (0391) 886 4384 oder - 4454
Visitor address: Building 15, Room 1.09

Healthcare Management

Email: gesundheit(at)
Phone: (0391) 886 4676
Visitor address: Building 15 Room 1.07

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