re-registration period for the winter semester 2024: 09.07. - 01.08.2024

By re-registering you declare that you wish to continue your studies in the forthcoming semester. This is generally declared by the timely payment of the semester fee (direct debit).

Once the money has reached our account you will be re-registered and you will then have access to the self-service functions for printing out your enrolment and BAföG certificates.

Payment and printing of certificates

Please make sure you read the following instructions carefully before starting the re-registration process.

The semester fee is paid by direct debit. In this way you will be re-registered immediately and in just a few minutes will have access to the self-service functions for printing out your enrolment and BAföG certificates.

Please note that you must reissue the direct debit authorisation every semester.

Your account details are not saved, merely used for the one-off direct debit transfer.

Please follow these steps when re-registering by direct debit:

Via "Mein Studium" → "Studienservice" → "Rückmelden" (top left) you can re-register for the upcoming semester during the re-registration period by direct debit. Please follow the instructions provided by the system and re-register at the end. The corresponding button for this will be displayed in the procedure. You can recognise a successful re-registration by the dark blue bar at the end of the procedure - the semester for which you have re-registered is displayed there.

* Please note: You must provide your own account details, as you will be specified as the account holder by the system. Otherwise the direct debit payment will be returned. This incurs a bank charge.

Please carefully check your details, as in the event of your direct debit payment being returned, you will incur additional bank charges and your re-registration for the summer semester will be cancelled. There may also be re-registration reminder charges to pay.

Once you have re-registered, your student and university library card including semester ticket will be available to you via the UniNow app.

All important information about downloading the app UniNow, the requirements and the functions of the digital student card can be found at:

Should you no longer have your access details, please contact the ITM (University Computer Centre). As these details are confidential, it is important that you attend in the ITM in person. It may be possible to send the details to you by post in exceptional circumstances. Write to the ITM including copies of your student identity card and personal identity card as well as a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage paid.

Paying the semester fee by bank transfer

Payment by direct debit is our preferred method of payment since you will be re-registered immediately once the payment has been released. However, should it not be possible to set up a direct debit in exceptional circumstances, you may also pay your semester fee by bank transfer.

Please note that when re-registering by bank transfer, the money may take up to 3 days to reach our account. You will only be re-registered after the transfer has arrived in our account. Please make sure that you arrange the transfer a few days before the re-registration period expires to ensure that you are re-registered in good time.

Transfers can be made to the following account:




Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal


Deutsche Bundesbank





Reason for transfer

20242SBSIenrolment number last name, first name**



** Please enter your personal details here:

Important note about the reason for transfer: The reason for transfer must be entered in the transfer form without spaces following the pattern given exactly:
Example reason for transfer: 
20242SBSI30001234 Mustermann, Max

After the year (2024), enter a 1 for the summer semester and a 2 for the winter semester. Next is the identifier “SBSI” and the enrolment number without spaces. Your last and first names can then be entered as usual with spaces.

Amount and components of the semester fee

Location Magdeburg: 153.70 €

This amount includes:

  • € 90.00 Student union fee
  • € 53.70 Semester ticket (MVB)
  • € 10.00 Student body fee

The semester ticket in Magdeburg is only valid on MVB tram and bus lines. DB lines and regional bus lines are excluded.

Liniennetzplan (day)
Liniennetzplan (night)

Location Stendal: 158.50 €

This amount includes:

  • € 81.00 Student union fee
  • € 66.50 Semester ticket (Deutsche Bahn)
  • € 1.00 Kultur-Euro
  • € 10.00 Student body fees

Students whose main place of residence is in Magdeburg can obtain a semester ticket for the MVB for an additional € €53.70 if they wish. The semester fee then increases to € 212.20.

Semester fee for study programmes in continuing education

As students on continuing education programmes* are only able to use the services of the Student Union to a limited extent, the semester fee is reduced to the following amounts:

Location Magdeburg: € 108.70 
Location Stendal: € 122.50 

* Tuition-based degree courses and programmes as well as the part-time Bachelor's degree course in Business Administration

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