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Welcome to the webpages of the International Office, where you will find all the relevant information for international applicants, students and international academics.

"Well prepared for your studies - Health insurane in Germany"

Your stay abroad in Germany is coming up and you want to be perfectly prepared for this adventure? Then take part in the free seminar offered by Techniker Krankenkasse and find out everything you need to know about studying in Germany.


GOstralia!-GOmerica! Teil- und Voll-Stipendium für Neuseeland

Die Neuseeländer:innen öffnen nach 2 ½ Jahren geschlossener Grenzen nun endlich wieder die Türen! Deshalb startet GOstralia!-GOmerica! seine Neuseeland Restart Kampagne, bei der wieder einige Voll- und Teilstipendien für Austauschsemester und Wohnheimplätze im kommenden Jahr... [more]

Routes to the University

Learn more about applying for your place, preparing for your stay, and important formalities.

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Student projects

Learn more about the University’s international projects including our Buddyprogramm.

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Our University maintains contacts with over hundred universities across the globe. It is involved in sixty exchange programmes and offers many courses of study with an international orientation.

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International study programmes

Learn more about international degree programmes at the University.

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Our Team

Locate the right contact person for you at the International Office.

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Foreigners Officer

The officer campaigns for the concerns of foreign students and staff. This means that the Foreigners Officer is an important contact partner for international students and academics.

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International Office

Tel.: +49 (0) 391 886 42 10

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Student sponsorships help foreign students start their studies and help them get involved in the university.

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