Questions about applying for a visa

Who needs to apply for a visa for the purpose of studying for the entrance to Germany?

All foreigners who are NOT a citizens of the following countries:

  • All EU countries
  • Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway
  • Citizens of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, South Corea, USA, Brazil have to apply for a residence permit in the Alien's Registration Office Magdeburg after the entrance to Germany.

Where do you have to apply for a visa?

In the German representation in your home country.

Which kind of visa is required?

Please apply for a visa for the purpose of studying.
A tourist visa does not allow you to study.

Applicants that have not received the admission to a German university or to a Studienkolleg (preparatory courses) yet, can apply for a so called study applicant's visa. It is valild for three months and can be turned into a visa for studying after the reception of the admission.

Please note: The risk remains with the student that after entrance to Germany no admission is being given by the university or Studienkolleg.
If you would like to attend to a language course in preparation for study you have to state this in your application for the visa.
For this purpose you need to apply for a visa for the purpose of studying or for a study applicant's visa.

Please note: There exists also a visa for attending to a language course only, but this visa can NOT be turned into a visa for studying and does therefore not apply to you!

Which kind of documents are required to apply for a visa?

You need:

  • a passport with a sufficient period of validity
  • the admission to study/Studienkolleg/language course or confirmation of application (depending on the kind of visa you are applying for)
  • a proof of sufficient financial resources (at the moment 853 Euro per month)

For further information on the requirements please ask the respective German representation in your home country.

Please note: You have to cover with a German health insurance for the entire period of your study in Germany. Please inform yourself carefully which kind of proof of health insurance is necessary for your visa application so that you do not have to get covered with another health insurance after your arrival to Germany. For further information on the necessary health insurance cover for studying see here.

When should you apply for your visa?

As early as possible. The issuing of the visa can take up to twelve weeks.

For further information on visa regulations please see the webside of the Foreign Office of the Federal Rebublic of Germany.

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