Juliana Goncalves comes from Brazil

Juliana Goncalves from Brazil: She studied on the Master’s programme in “Interaction Design”.

Why did you choose Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences?

The curriculum on the university’s “Interaction Design” degree programme and the classes offered were very interesting. I also liked the atmosphere and the whole campus in Magdeburg very much. I got to know lots of new technologies that I’d never seen before.

How was your everyday life at the University?

My everyday life was very good. At the start it was very difficult for me because I couldn’t communicate, but little by little that got better. The professors were always so friendly and they helped me so very much.

How did you spend your free time in Magdeburg?

I did a huge amount of sport.

Were there any problems at the beginning? How were you able to solve them?

Yes, I had problems at the start with the German language. But I talked to lots of Germans and that helped me to improve quickly.

What you like especially about the University and Magdeburg or Germany?

What I liked most about the university was the green campus and the library. My fellow students and my professors were also great. What I like about Germany generally is the culture and the snow …

What tips do you have for future international students at the University?

Talk a lot, ask questions, enjoy everything and try out what Germany has to offer. Ideally meet lots of people, give it everything you’ve got and show what you have learned!


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