Due to the corona crisis all personal office hours at the International Office have been canceled until further notice. You are welcome to contact us by e-mail or phone.


Head of International Office

Anne-Kathrin Lerke

Tel.: +49 (0) 391 886 4440

Visitor's address: building 4, room 2.20


  • Operational management of International Office
  • Management of the Senate Commission for International Affairs (KIA)
  • Development of concepts and strategies on fundamental issues of international cooperation
  • Strengthening profile of International Office and further development of the internationalisation strategy of the university of applied sciences
  • Cooperation and contract management

    Secretariat of the Department of Study and International Affairs

    Sabine Seemann

    Tel.: (0391) 886 44 78
    Fax: (0391) 886 46 18

    Visitor's address: building 2, room 0.08

    Campus Magdeburg

    Julia Krumm

    Incoming Student Advisor

    Julia Krumm

    Tel.: +49 (0) 391 886 41 19

    Visitor's address: building 4, room 1.02.2


    • Deputy Head of International Office
    • International Students
    • Study exchange at partner universities outside Europe
    • Internships outside Europe
    • PROMOS Scholarship

    Office Hours:

    Monday14:00–15:00 p. m.
    Tuesday11:00–12:00 a. m.14:00–15:00 p. m.
    Thursday11:00–12:00 a. m.14:00–15:00 p. m.
    Friday11:00–12:00 a. m.

    Or by arrangement (personal, Zoom, Telephone).

    Nancy Brosig

    Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinator

    Nancy Brosig

    Tel.: +49 (0) 391 886 42 29

    Visitor's address: building 4, room 1.02.3


    • Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinator
    • Contact for ECTS-Coordinators

    Coordinator for Internationalisation

    Carsten Boek

    Tel.: +49 (0) 391 886 41 56

    Visitor's adress: building 4, room 2.18


    • Development and implementation of methods for recruitment of international students
    • Coordiantion and further development of student internationalisation projects "Ferndurst & Wissensweh" and "Buddyprogramm"
    • Support in the implemenation of the internationalisation strategy
    • Design of marketing products and advertising materials

    Campus Stendal

    International Office Stendal

    Annegreth Fritze

    Tel.: (03931) 2187 48 71

    Visitors' address: Building 2, Room 2.23


    • Support within the Erasmus+ programme
    • Advising and supporting students in Stendal (outgoing and incoming)
    • Recognition of internships abroad for Business Administration and Applied Childhood Studies
    • Implementation of Buddyprogramm in Stendal and other international events
    • Coordination of the DAAD support programme STIBET I
    • Networking with the city and district
    • Summer school in Stendal

    Office Hours:

    Tuesday09:00–12:30 a. m.14:00–15:30 p. m.
    Thursday09:00–12:30 a. m.

    Or by arrangement (personal, Zoom, Telephone).


    Sabine Seemann

    Tel.: (0391) 886 44 78
    Fax: (0391) 886 46 18

    Visitors' address: Building 2, Room 0.08

    Contact and Postal Address

    University of Applied Sciences
    International Office

    Breitscheidstr. 2, Building 4
    39114 Magdeburg

    Osterburger Str. 25, Building 2
    39576 Stendal

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